Rebel Press primarily exists to support radical left publishing. If you are interested in printing books or in publishing get in touch to discuss what kind of arrangements may suit you. We encourage a participatory, hands-on approach to book making. We don’t work for you, but we can work with you.

The space can also be used for as a creative working space and as a small meeting space either on a short-term, one-off or longer term basis. Please get in touch to discuss what you would like to do.

Our supplied paper is 100% recycled 80gsm. We recommend BJ Ball ECO100 for book printing. We have other gear available for use for free or nominal charge including a guillotine, book binding machine and long-armed stapler. Our printing prices are set out below.

We aren’t always in the office so if you have a job, drop us a line to make sure we’ll be around and that we can do what you need (email

If you have a manuscript that you are keen to have published, please contact one of the publishing collectives that operate in the space:

  • The Freedom Shop is a not-for-profit anarchist bookshop and info-centre whose aim is to spread radical information and support DIY anarchist culture.
  • Left of the Equator Press elevates and amplifies the voices of those who work to transform our world for the better, against capitalism, colonialism, authoritarianism and all structures and institutions of unjust power and privilege.
  • Lawrence and Gibson is a collective that publishes literary fiction skewered towards the morose, satirical, verbose and thoughtful.
  • 5ever is a publisher of punchy, transformative and interdisciplinary work.


Printing prices